“Erasmus+”: Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Seminary welcomes new student from Greece Печать
06.02.2017 16:00


Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Theological Seminary welcomes Miltiadis Itsios – the student from the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki (the Church of Greece), arrived according to the program “Erasmus+”.

Русская версия: «Эразмус+»: Николо-Угрешская семинария приняла нового студента из Греции.

Greek version: "Ερασμους+" Η θεολογική Ακαδημία του Αγίου Νικολάου Ουγκρεσκη καλωσορίζει έναν νέο φοιτητή από την Ελλάδα.


The program "Erasmus+" is the European program promoting cooperation in the education sphere. Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Theological Seminary and the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki joined "Erasmus+" project at the end of 2016. The program enables brethren theological schools teachers' and students' exchange within several years. Earlier, in January of 2017, due to “Erasmus+” the lecturer of Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Seminary Vladislav V. Talalaev visited the Academy of Thessaloniki.

Miltiadis Itsios arrived to Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Seminary on February 2, 2017. Miltiadis is the student of 4th class of the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki and now will be forth-year student in Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Seminary. Rector of Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Seminary Hegumen Ioann introduced Miltiadis to all students of the seminary, and asked Miltiadis to make a short presentation about the Academy of Thessaloniki.

During the presentation Miltiadis told about his Academy and about the Metropolian of Kitrous, Katerinis and Platamonos. Miltiadis extended appreciation to His Eminence Metropolian of Kitrous, Katerinis and Platamonos Georgios for the opportunity to come to Russia and study here. The Mitropolian is located at the Northen Greece in the area that is calling Pieria because of the Mountain of Olympos which is the biggest in Greece. Miltiadis also presented the history of the Mitropolian and the monasteries and the temples within the Mitropolian. For students it was particularly interesting to get to know about Saints who are mostly revered in the motherland of Miltiadis.

Students of Nicholo-Ugreshskaya Seminary welcome Miltiadis and hope that the joint study will enrich both Greek and Russian Churches.